Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stanley Cup Finals

I must admit that neither the Vancouver Canucks nor the Boston Bruins are on my regular radar for watching a good game of hockey....however there is something about the playoffs and the final game that causes me to get back to the game! Was I cheering for the Canucks because they are "Canadian"  or the favourite team to win....I don't think I really had a deep inner rage for either team. I understand that many of the Boston Bruins are Canadian.  I respect that they were able to rally and get what they wanted...the Lord Stanley Cup....the cherry on top of all congratulations go out to the Boston Bruins , one of the original six!
Oh long until the season starts back up again????

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  1. Hey Hey, i didn't watch the game but it sure was fun listening to my Hubby and Son hash it out and tease each other as they cheered for opposite teams...My son loyal to canada...hubby says the most canadian players were on the Boston all around...and yes it starts over way too soon:):)


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