Friday, June 29, 2012


It must be the heat but I just had to make some sticky buns for the weekend! I haven't used my bread maker in ages and hauled it up from the basement. I found an easy recipe that you mix the day before, cover, and leave it overnight in the fridge and bake in the morning. I was afraid I had lost my touch but I think they will sell!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Niagara Wine Tasting Tour

Now that the LPGA is over with, maybe I can move on to some regular routines! Before I do, I must tell you about my day on Saturday. The Wilfrid Laurier Alumni takes a wine tour every year and visits three different wineries in the Niagara area. This year we left Waterloo around 9:00 and our first stop was Penisula Ridge. Love my 10:30 nip! From there we went into Niagara-on-the-Lake and had lunch at Bistro 61 and took a half an hour to wander the streets and I was able to buy a new pair of sunglasses (an annual event). Next stop, Riverview Estates and lastly, Stoney Ridge where had a catered dinner on the terrace. They have a gorgeous garden!  We had a wonderful time and look forward to next year...already!! I couldn't resist buying a jar of jam. Look carefully at the label!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 5....still at it!

Today, I had to leave the house at 5:20 to be at my post at 6:00 AM!! It was a snap to drive at that hour and only hit one stoplight. I like to think I beat the rush hour! lol I did discover that at that ungodly hour, my hair stands at attention! I think it grows.....out! The humidity really plays havoc and so when I was requested outside to help security at the 18th hole, I jumped at it and donned my big straw hat! No one knew about my hidden curse. As the week progresses, there have been fewer and fewer requests with the players. We continue to make sure they have everything they need in their locker rooms and always greet them with a friendly smile. After today, many of them will be leaving for their next tournament. I believe the top 70 will continue on with competition tomorrow and then the finals will be held on Sunday. Today, our committee was requested to go out to help the security at the 18th hole. The crowds were becoming thick and it was becoming more and more difficult for the players and their caddies to walk from one green to the next tee. Our job was to prepare a pathway and get the group off the green and on to the tee as quickly as possible. Afterwards, I walked the course's trails and watched some of the ladies play. I ended up at the Green Zone, a spot for volunteers to sit and relax with a cold drink and watch the play on the 14th tee. Sadly, there were no treats of the day for me to post! Tomorrow, a group of ten are travelling with the Laurier Alumni to the Niagara wine district for a day of wine tasting, lunch, dinner and a whole lot of socializing.  I will return Sunday!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 4...down by the locker room

I arrived early at Grey Silo and walked to the first and second holes where I was able to watch Sandra Changkiji tee off. Boy, can she hit! I found out later that she is leading the pack today with a -8...pretty incredible! I began my shift at 10:30 and it was easy-peasy today. Our table was moved downstairs right outside the locker rooms.  I only registered one woman, Reilley Rankin from SC as she was an add on. I was able to show the new on-call doctor around the clubhouse and answer questions for her, as well as deliver flyers to the players' lockers and help plan the rest of the day with players and their families. I love working with people and this job is perfect for me. The heat was turned up a bit higher today but we are expecting thunderstorms and that should clear the air and make for a perfect day of golf Friday through Sunday. Today's Treat of the Day was made by the Cake Box and it is a golf ball!! How cute is this!! Not sure about the Happy Birthday sign though!!lol

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 3 Hanging out in the Clubhouse

How could have I forgotten to say what amazing gifts these players receive for coming to Canada to play golf!! The ladies are all so humbled with the handouts and it is so nice to see. We gave them a coupon to use just today at the Lululemon trailer, parked just outside the clubhouse. There they are able to get complimentary outfits!! Also, each girl was presented with a free Blackberry phone! They were all so excited!! I wish I could have taken pictures of their expressions.
My shift today at Grey Silo was early afternoon into evening and what a hot day it was!! Humidex was over 40!! I think that only 8 ladies had not registered by evening but will tomorrow before the ProAm game. Today, I worked at some problem solving, giving directions and making sure the locker rooms were well equipped. We had to take down the tables we had been using, to make room for the buffet tomorrow night, so we will now be situated downstairs by the locker rooms and lounge. I forgot to mention that every day there is a "treat of the day" for the players. Yesterday were Kate's Kookies..... incredible. Today were cupcakes...delicious! (I had to make sure they were acceptable for the ladies to eat!!)  Today all the chair heads had a very important meeting to decide what the plan would be to keep everyone hydrated on the course tomorrow as the temperature is to be very  hot again with high humidity. Normally, a spectator can not bring water or food onto a course, but I understand the rules will be bent. I am taking a break from volunteering tomorrow as I have my own golf league game in the morning and a lunch with our wine tasting group at noon!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 2 LPGA Registration

What an incredible day it has been! From arriving at the Manulife Sportsplex, finding the parking lot, getting myself registered, finding a shuttle to take me to the clubhouse...a whole new world opened up. My job is to register the players upon their arrival at Grey Silo and I found them all so kind and patient. It is a learn as you go experience and things come up that have to be worked out at that particular time. The clubhouse has been so beautifully decorated! I love these tall colums of real plants.

I was able to walk out on the balcony and watch the ladies practise at the putting green, or pitching green or driving range. I spotted Michelle Wie using her driver. Paula Creamer, with a hot pink bling purse, came in to register.You can feel the excitement building as all the players long for a playoff position.I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Manulife Financial LPGA Classic 2012 Day 1

In January, I submitted an application to be a volunteer for this year's LPGA in Waterloo, Ontario. The course chosen is Grey Silo and it is situated in north Waterloo along the banks of the Grand River. This is the first time that the LPGA has come to this area and the community is ready and excited to be a part of the professional golf scene. I was very lucky to be placed on the Hospitality/Registration Committee. We met as a group in early May and plans were formed. I contacted Lilies White and they volunteered to have a beautiful floral arrangement  created for the clubhouse that will welcome the players as they arrive and register. I have no idea exactly what my job entails, but I hear that it is a learn as you go role! Today was set up day and I begin my job tomorrow morning with the registration of players as they arrive. The tournament starts Thursday June 21. There will be 144 golfers and some of the well known ladies are Paula Creamer USA, Lorie Kane CA, Michelle Wie USA, Stacy Lewis USA, Azahara Munoz Spain, Alena Sharp CA, Ai Miyozato Japan, and Cristie Kerr USA.
Overhead view of Grey Silo Golf Course