Thursday, November 25, 2010

One of a Kind

Yes - the One of a Kind Craft Show opened its doors today!! Yahoo! It was a slow start but a good ending. Our Probus Club chartered a bus and 48 ladies were at the Rec Centre at 8:00 to get a good start on their shopping. Unfortunately, the first bus we boarded wasn't ours, so off we went into the cold to wait for the next one. When the second bus arrived, the driver mentioned there were problems with the bus. After boarding and getting settled, I asked him what he meant with "problems". Oh, there is a major transmission problem he said so I called for another bus!! Third is a charm they say! So, we waited patiently, and waited not so patiently until he had a call and drove out and off to the Auditorium. He thought it would be closer for the "coach" to meet us. The coach did arrive and it did have a bathroom and it was bigger, unfortunately, it was a standard so getting in and out of first was a challenge especially in bumper to bumper traffic. We did arrive safely and saw the best show yet! There were vendors from all over Canada and incredible purchases to be had. I did get some wonderful Christmas presents and was excited to bring the haul home. I did learn that the "bum warmer" is THE gift this year. Too bad I learned this after I left the building. Go figure!

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