Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Border Humour

I have to share a we were crossing from Canada to the USA, a border security guard got on board our bus before asking us to come inside to swipe our passports. He asked the driver who we were. Our driver Jeff  is Asian and his English is understandable if you listen. He replied, " Retired Educators". The guard looked at him questioningly and asked, "Retired Gangsters???" The entire bus broke out in laughter! I think we should have a bus named Retired Gangsters written on it. I wonder how long it would then take us to cross the border! I loved that moment!
Our days have been hectic. We have been putting in 14-15 hours a day and we are tired. The weather has been hot and humid. I was hoping to post a few pictures but when the bus arrives back at the hotel at 11:00 PM....what can I say? Stay tuned!

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  1. That is a very funny story! I hope the border guard had a sense of humor!
    Joanne xo


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