Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 2 LPGA Registration

What an incredible day it has been! From arriving at the Manulife Sportsplex, finding the parking lot, getting myself registered, finding a shuttle to take me to the clubhouse...a whole new world opened up. My job is to register the players upon their arrival at Grey Silo and I found them all so kind and patient. It is a learn as you go experience and things come up that have to be worked out at that particular time. The clubhouse has been so beautifully decorated! I love these tall colums of real plants.

I was able to walk out on the balcony and watch the ladies practise at the putting green, or pitching green or driving range. I spotted Michelle Wie using her driver. Paula Creamer, with a hot pink bling purse, came in to register.You can feel the excitement building as all the players long for a playoff position.I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


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