Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 4...down by the locker room

I arrived early at Grey Silo and walked to the first and second holes where I was able to watch Sandra Changkiji tee off. Boy, can she hit! I found out later that she is leading the pack today with a -8...pretty incredible! I began my shift at 10:30 and it was easy-peasy today. Our table was moved downstairs right outside the locker rooms.  I only registered one woman, Reilley Rankin from SC as she was an add on. I was able to show the new on-call doctor around the clubhouse and answer questions for her, as well as deliver flyers to the players' lockers and help plan the rest of the day with players and their families. I love working with people and this job is perfect for me. The heat was turned up a bit higher today but we are expecting thunderstorms and that should clear the air and make for a perfect day of golf Friday through Sunday. Today's Treat of the Day was made by the Cake Box and it is a golf ball!! How cute is this!! Not sure about the Happy Birthday sign though!!lol

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