Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 3 Hanging out in the Clubhouse

How could have I forgotten to say what amazing gifts these players receive for coming to Canada to play golf!! The ladies are all so humbled with the handouts and it is so nice to see. We gave them a coupon to use just today at the Lululemon trailer, parked just outside the clubhouse. There they are able to get complimentary outfits!! Also, each girl was presented with a free Blackberry phone! They were all so excited!! I wish I could have taken pictures of their expressions.
My shift today at Grey Silo was early afternoon into evening and what a hot day it was!! Humidex was over 40!! I think that only 8 ladies had not registered by evening but will tomorrow before the ProAm game. Today, I worked at some problem solving, giving directions and making sure the locker rooms were well equipped. We had to take down the tables we had been using, to make room for the buffet tomorrow night, so we will now be situated downstairs by the locker rooms and lounge. I forgot to mention that every day there is a "treat of the day" for the players. Yesterday were Kate's Kookies..... incredible. Today were cupcakes...delicious! (I had to make sure they were acceptable for the ladies to eat!!)  Today all the chair heads had a very important meeting to decide what the plan would be to keep everyone hydrated on the course tomorrow as the temperature is to be very  hot again with high humidity. Normally, a spectator can not bring water or food onto a course, but I understand the rules will be bent. I am taking a break from volunteering tomorrow as I have my own golf league game in the morning and a lunch with our wine tasting group at noon!

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