Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 5....still at it!

Today, I had to leave the house at 5:20 to be at my post at 6:00 AM!! It was a snap to drive at that hour and only hit one stoplight. I like to think I beat the rush hour! lol I did discover that at that ungodly hour, my hair stands at attention! I think it grows.....out! The humidity really plays havoc and so when I was requested outside to help security at the 18th hole, I jumped at it and donned my big straw hat! No one knew about my hidden curse. As the week progresses, there have been fewer and fewer requests with the players. We continue to make sure they have everything they need in their locker rooms and always greet them with a friendly smile. After today, many of them will be leaving for their next tournament. I believe the top 70 will continue on with competition tomorrow and then the finals will be held on Sunday. Today, our committee was requested to go out to help the security at the 18th hole. The crowds were becoming thick and it was becoming more and more difficult for the players and their caddies to walk from one green to the next tee. Our job was to prepare a pathway and get the group off the green and on to the tee as quickly as possible. Afterwards, I walked the course's trails and watched some of the ladies play. I ended up at the Green Zone, a spot for volunteers to sit and relax with a cold drink and watch the play on the 14th tee. Sadly, there were no treats of the day for me to post! Tomorrow, a group of ten are travelling with the Laurier Alumni to the Niagara wine district for a day of wine tasting, lunch, dinner and a whole lot of socializing.  I will return Sunday!

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